Vessels of Honour to date has produced two recordings.  Their first recording was Just One More Soul back in 2004 and in 2006 recorded Ours For the Asking —-Both recordings were done in Peterborough, at Barry Haggardy’s Studio’s.

Click on players below for sample clips from select tracks

Just One More Soul – 2002

1. Gotta Go Back
2. Vessel of Mercy
3. No, It Wouldn’t Be Enough
4. Thank You Lord
5. When He was on the Cross
6. Empty Vessel
7. He Is Mine
8. Crimson River
9. Home Where I Belong
10. My Name Is Lazarus
11. I’m Doing This For You
12. Just One More Soul

Ours For The Asking – 2006

1. Heartbreak Ridge
2. The Eyes Of Jesus
3. I Thirst
4. I Believe
5. Daystar
6. Into His Presence
7. So Much God
8. Use Us
9. Under Control
10. When We All Get To Heaven (Piano Solo)
11. Will You Love Jesus More